Intellectual Profile

1. I am working on a BA in Art History and in Digital Art, and I have a completed minor in Russian.  In terms of Art History, my interests are primarily Modern and Contemporary Art.  I really love early modern art from the first half of the 20th century like cubism, surrealism, ect., and in terms of Contemporary art I have been very interested in Contemporary Asian and Indian art recently.  I also have a lot of interest in the idea of street art and craft emerging as “credible” art forms and the debates surrounding those subjects.

2. I was in Paris last summer and saw many amazing exhibits, but one of my favorites that really helped develop my interest in contemporary Indian art was an exhibit at the Pompidou center called “Paris-Delhi-Bombay” that show cased not only art but also had installations that dealt with a lot of societal issues in present day India.  The exhibition is over, but the website is still up here.

3. I have spent the last few years I recently finished F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Beautiful and Damned” from 1922 after I developed an interest in the art and the literature of the “lost generation.” I love the glamour and emptiness that is described in the book, and it was interesting to see ties between that generation and my own.  I have also recently read “The Help,” mostly because it was recommended to me by so many people.  I was skeptical about it, but I really enjoyed the story and the open minded way it portrayed the situation at the time in the American south.

4. I enjoy reading and painting, but my all time favorite outside of school activities are cooking and traveling.  I love wandering around new places and eating new food, and I especially love dragging my friends and boyfriend to new museums and galleries.

5. I love blogs, and I look at a LOT of them.  My very favorite art blog is Sweet Station, which I check everyday.  I also love Design Boom and Look In Art for art and design things.  For music I just go from Hype Machine to all the blogs available from there, and for cooking/recipes I love Closet Cooking.  And for when I am having a rough day.
6. I go to a lot of concerts, but recently one of the best cultural events I did was restaurant week in Washington D.C, where all of the nice restaurants in town have a fixed tasting menu for really cheap so that everyone can go in and give it a try.  Its a really cool way for people of all income levels to get to go out and try really great food they normally can’t afford.

7. I think the most appropriate article to post today would be one that is about an issue on everyone’s mind, which is the SOPA battle going on between the entertainment industry and, what seems to be, everyone else.  There have been many articles about it today, but I like this one because it mentions other possible actions that the industry could take instead of SOPA.
8. “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about CREATING yourself” -George Bernard Shaw
9. I have been to all three museums, and one exhibit that was a long time ago but still sticks out in my mind is the exhibit the DAM had on concert posters from the 1960s and 1970s.  The posters were such an interesting display of a new emerging culture and society, and the fact that they were made without the use of software like they would be today was very impressive.

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