Jacob Vasquez Smith Post

The Smith article discusses the confusing debate that is Contemporary Art. It describes that it is very hard for curators and art historians to identify what and where Contemporary art began. One statement that caught my eye was the use of the word “before” in quotations and it brought up the question “what was art before it was contemporary?”

The article describes the difficulty of categorizing contemporary art because there was nothing really before it. Artists in the avangarde period started to become more common, thus opening the door to contemporary artists. The lack of history that Contemporary Art has is what really makes it hard to figure out. If almost nothing came before it how are we supposed to categorize it? Also, the idea of how easily accessible contemporary art has become results in a difficult categorization of Contemporary art. Smith states that new mediums, younger artists and exhibitions were becoming faster to produce that it is almost too difficult to catch up with what was “before” contemporary art.

What I’m expecting from this class is to learn just how this movement started and where it’s going. I also want to learn where art mediums are going as well. The rise of photography and the digital age and the decline of other mediums like painting and drawing have made me realize that contemporary art is very hard to categorize and I want to get a better understanding.

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