Megan’s Paragraph

We begin by looking at the question, “What is Contemporary Art?”, which has varied meanings to audiences through the decades. Contemporary art has a relationship with its viewers, media, galleries, and the past. The ideals of contemporary art are constantly being challenged and changed. The art we know today is associated in many ways with the economy, art is a commodity to be bought and sold. Art is a reflection of the media and the expectations of its viewers and publicity. The shock and awe of art is obtained just for the sake of attention and recognition, the making of a celebrity out of the artist.

A majority of the confusion of classifying contemporary art, would be its relation to time. The article argues that there is no set date of the beginning of contemporary art, and that nothing “succeeded minimalism and conceptualism as art styles.” I am beginning to agree. It seems like in regard to the article, most pieces fight for attention with mixed medias, to somehow prove their relevance.

The contemporary art world to me seems to be a glorified hodgepodge of works that dont hold any relevance to culture or emotion. Josiah McElhney’s piece “An End to Modernity”, is just another false sense of modernity, which will be very outdated and rejected in the impending future. I strongly hope for a new sense of art, that does not try to be “modern”or “contemporary”, but has a purpose of intent that is unrelated to a modern day classification.

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