Smith article

What is contemporary art? It is art that is ever changing through the decades and reflects what is occurring around the artist during that time. It can be a reflection of events in society to present and past history, it is considered “always present but without a past or future.” Museums and media help to spread the awareness of artistic movements and works which is good for society because the minds of people deserve to be fed knowledge beyond what words can say. Smith mentioned that contemporary art can be the end of an era of history or the start, however it is still timeless.

Contemporary art has various elements to it. It has a sense of creativity that may have evolved from other cultures or ideas that may have a strong impact on the artwork. There is also the element of change, as it is always happening. It can be artistically, for example how during the renaissance artists fed off of other artists ideas and developed an era of work that resembled many of the other pieces. Or it may be socially, as changes in society such as laws or wars or even something as extreme as plagues give artists new ideas that other artists may be inspired from. Social change impacts people, and the change inspires artists to come up with something new and perhaps out of the ordinary or contemporary. Changes also impact the minds of people to not only develop art but to integrate ideas, grow in technological advances, form a stronger society, and beyond.

For me, contemporary art is freedom. It can mean nothing to someone and mean the world to somebody else. It is up to interpretation by the viewer and perhaps even the artist does not have a true sense of meaning behind the piece he or she is creating. I know this because sometimes I create things that do not have meaning, I just sort of go with the flow of what I am making and if it works out, well then, cool. I believe this class will be an inspiration to my personal artwork and give me new ideas. I like contemporary art because it helps me to realize that art can be created out of almost anything, and be anything you want it to be.

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