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Smith’s article “What is Contemporary Art?” discussed the many definitions and possibilities of what contemporary art may be. Smith touches on the shift in ideals about art and exposure of it. Art moved from an exclusive, elitist sort of privilege to something that can be accessed and experienced by everyone throughout the world, making it contemporary art. Smith also talks about the influence of popular culture, media and economy on so called “contemporary art”.

Smith basically categorizes contemporary art as the art of the people of the world. It is art that is made now, in the present day, that cannot be categorized into any previous artistic category. It is art that is greatly effected and influenced by the people and the culture around it. Contemporary art can be whatever it wants to be. “It is what we say it is, it is what we do, it is the art that we show, that we buy and sell, that we promote and interpret…This scene is self-defining.”

What I got from this article is that Contemporary Art is a category for art that simply cannot be categorized. I think about contemporary art as the art of now. Art that is being discovered, explored, and exposed. Art that is speaking for the people of the world and reflecting the world that those people are in.

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