Smith Paragraph

In Terry Smith’s, “What is Contemporary Art?” he defines contemporary art right away.  Smith explains it as the institution through which today’s art presents itself to itself and to many spectators all around the world.  Contemporary art can have many different definitions and can take on many different forms.  Terry Smith says that it is its own subculture with its own values and discourses.  Smith shows just how much contemporary art changes.

Smith places contemporary art to around the 50’s and 60’s.  Today, contemporary art is assumed to be a form of modern art.  He also says that it can mean “periodlessness, being perpetually out of time.”    What we consider as contemporary art today is a combination of numerous components.

This reading has shown me that contemporary art is a never-ending definition and expands to all types of art.  I think that the definition changes as more and more art is created.  By the end of this semester I expect to have a better and more complete understanding of what contemporary art is.

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