Smith Paragraph

Smith defines Contemporary Art as an ever changing niche in the art world. It is defined by culture and current issues. As populations and industries grow, the more art is produced and influenced. Also the growth of technology, and moreover access to the internet, gives endless information to an artist about both the past and the present. Smith refers to this source as “iconomy.”

Scholars try to put a definition on Contemporary Art, but Smith argues that it is too specific to do so. It is not a grouping of similar works like the other isms of art, but rather formed in relation to current issues. It does not have a specific style or form, but is rather a similar take on what is occurring now. It is believed that Contemporary Art started sometime after WWII, but Smith argues that it has existed for as long as art itself has. As long as artists are responding to the environment around them, which does not necessarily mean here and now in 2012.

I myself am a Contemporary artist. I find that my art comments on the stereotyped and idealized beauty that occurs today. I question our society, and the media’s control on our thoughts. I think that learning about Contemporary Art in other parts of the world will influence my work for the better. I’m looking forward to learning and growing as an artist through this class.

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