Smith Paragraphs

What Is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art is an art form that is immersed within a culture. Terry Smith speaks about it as if it fused together with other forms of art and culture. Contemporary art has even gone so far as to make an impact on our self image. With contemporary art’s fusion within other media such as news and advertisings it has brought the world together. Art’s globalization has brought cultures and people closer together.

Contemporary art really has no said beginning. Terry Smith puts its origin around 1950s to 1960s. The type of art produced has seen never really saw a strong constant between then and now. However art now contrasts the art of the contemporary artist of the early twenty first century with that of the twentieth century. It inherits all the changes of the time. The artists try to be different and new each time.

Personally I think contemporary art is the new art “ism”. It is what the artists strive for when they wish to connect the present day world. It is a way to speak the subjective in the world of objectivity. It holds the ability to spreading knowledge and feelings of the artist. Looking through the art of others you can learn to move forward. Looking at art you can discover a lot about yourself and art. Learning about other artists and what drives them may help with improving your own art. You can see what has been done in the past with as well as creating a window on the future. So while in this class I hope to learn from the other artist see their art and learn about them lives. I wish to expand my knowledge on other artist.

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