Smith Paragraphs

In Terry Smith’s article “What is Contemporary Art?” provides a better understanding of art and the continuous change that has developed this idea of modernistic view of the world. Influences from societal pressures, current issues and the internal/external expression have helped create a complex definition of contemporary pieces of art. This has been established through the media, politics and the projected image of our economical status.

Smith also displays how the choice of different mediums and historical context of the progression of art through avant-garde, post modernism and modernism have altered the production and process of this visual understanding of a specific idea, emotion or fact. He also includes how contemporary forms of art have changed through museum curators and publicity and their ability to implement an environment for the artist’swork and it’s audience.

What I have gained from this reading is that the individuals who are brave enough to challenge what is continuously displayed throughout our live have defined contemporary art. This has renovated art by generational impact and has created great expectations of what is currently acceptable through choice of medium, history and setting.

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