Smith Paragraphs

Terry Smith’s “What is Contemporary Art?” starts out with his definition of Contemporary Art and diverges into a historical explanation of how art has transformed into what it is today. That being said, anything that seems to have no “historical awareness” and appears to exist and form in the present is what we consider to be Contemporary Art.

I feel that all artists now wish to create works different from any other which leaves no room for a historical label, such as Romanticism, and therefore we can only call what we create today “contemporary”. This is an idea that Smith raises at several points. It appears that events that shape our society and individuals keep multiplying the potential for new ideas and new forms of art. Smith states that this is a worldly trend and different types of people can feed off one another.

In regards to my expectations of Contemporary Art, I believe that our definitions and guidelines of the name will change daily. I expect to see new forms of art that I have never seen or imagined before appear quite often. As of now, Contemporary Art can be broadly defined.

By Annie Davis

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