Smith Paragraphs

The idea of “contemporary art” is a recent view of art in the past 30+ years that has been really hard to define. To many scholars, to name it“contemporary” is putting a general definition on something that needs to be specific. Smith, however, fights this idea by saying that the definition of contemporary is to “be out of time” (pg. 245)

With this idea of being out of time, contemporary art can have different meanings or be understood differently to people. To be “out of time” as Smith describes it, brings an arrogance to many that there isn’t a guide-line if something is artistic or not. One can simply create something that another might disagree is artistic to gain something for that art in question. This “gain” could be appreciation from the person’s ideas or actions or it could be a gain in money.

After reading this, I have learned that contemporary art has different meanings, definitions and could be manipulated as art changes in time. I expect at the end of this semester to have an understanding of these definitions and meanings; and to find my own personal definition after analyzing these definitions.

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