Smith Paragraphs

The article ”  What is Contemporary Art?,” explain Smith’s idea and thought of contemporary art. There are many different way to explain what is the Contemporary art, but from Smith’s perspective, Contemporary art is  culture that matter to itself. (p.242) The contemporary art includes not only the culture, but many other religion, politics, people, environmental, economy from all over the world. It brings countries together, makes no boundary line in our world. There are many different cultures in our world, and this art period has deep connection with it.

The contemporary art can also explain: to be out of time (p.245), the ” timeless” art. The contemporary art is not only occurring to the present time, it can also be occurred in the past and history, so it called timeless art. The artist should learn more art history before to made something that connect with the past, so be a contemporary artist should also understand the history well or has research it well. The Contemporary art is the fundamental condition of our time.

Before the reading, I thought contemporary art is the work that made by present time that connect with now, yet now I know the contemporary art can be some artwork that connect with the past and the history but also with modern things.  I expect the contemporary art means modern art, but I think it is not complete the same. I think after the reading I gain more and more interest to wants to understand about the contemporary art.

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