Smith Paragraphs

Terry Smith’s article “What is Contemporary Art” discusses the growth of contemporary art, and how it has been shaped by culture, world events, and the artists themselves. The article begins with defining contemporary art, and discussing the different definitions that can be used to explain contemporary art. Media is the main influence over the art, through fashion, design, tourism, education, and politics. Due to the heavy influence from the media, art is now becoming timeless, meaning a certain historical artwork does not have to be in its certain time period to be understood. Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao has become acknowledged for its contemporary art, and is known globally. Artwork can be produced at a rapid rate, more than ever before, due to the improving technology. Iconomy is becoming the main focus of contemporary art, and brings together the past and present.

There is also a dilemma or challenge with contemporary art. Many specialists are having difficulties understanding the art. While people who are not specialists find the artwork to be appealing. The major challenge is trying to find a way for the specialists to understand while having it appeal to everyone else. The rise of contemporary art is rasing speculation as to the overall standard of the art. Art historians believe contemporary art participates in a decline of standards; as if the artists are making pointless art. The opposite argument is the art is more diverse than ever before, and what is being produced now will later be of historical interest. Overall, the art being produced needs to be made publie. People need to see the artwork and appreciate it. This would make the art successful.This art has been described as periodless and neverending and has no limits.

I agree with most of what Terry Smith stated in the article, contemporary art has its own subculture, and it does not belong to any certain time period. Smith did go too far into detail in explaining some of the artists and artwork, which I believe took away from the overall message. I want to learn more about culture through contemporary art. I know this form of art is mainly about perspective, and with that I want to learn as much as possible about other cultures through their own perspectives. I want to try and grasp a central idea from all of the art being made now, even though contemporary art is always changing.

Andrew Garcia

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