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There are many variations of meanings of what Contemporary Art is.  Contemporary Art the way today’s art is viewed by many different people and cultures throughout the world.  The main concept of this form of art is used to mean today’s art.  It is different from modern art.  With today’s art, a lot of the time, people are open to interpret it in their own way.  It also may be generated from ideas of art from previous time periods.  During the 1990s and around 2000 it became a popular idea that Contemporary Art  was art beyond history or art that came after the end of history.  Contemporary Art not only can mean art after the end of history, but also timeless art.  It could mean that art from here on out is constantly in the present with no past or future.

Many artists today make art that draws the attention of the viewer.  The artwork is based around the idea of being visual. They do this because they know that their success in their careers depend on an audience being attracted to their work.  Because artists are simply doing what viewers want to see, there is said to be a decline of standards.  Some artists are not going above and beyond to make for higher standards.  In the art market today, art has began to have two sides, what the viewer sees, and what the viewer interprets the meaning behind the work as.  Contemporary art is done by a wider variety of people: people of different cultures and ages.  A lot of Contemporary art today is so different then the norm that it doesn’t even look like art at all.

On one hand I feel like there will not be a huge change in art eras in the future.  Labeling today’s art as contemporary has made the creation of art very broad.  On the other hand, as time passes, everything around us in the world is changing.  If people continually use what is around them as art, such as Marcel Duchamp’s “Urinal”, then the art era will change too, even if we don’t realize it.  Back then, what historical art is to us now, was modern to those who made it.

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  1. Aubrey,

    You’ll need to add the category “Smith Paragraph” to this post so that I know to give you credit when I sort through the blog.

    Thank you!


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