Griffin Beste’s (Terry Smith)

The Terry Smith article presented many definitions for the artistic style known as contemporary art. In his article he presents a few justifications of the contemporary art movement, but somewhere reinforced in-between the brief talk of the 70’s 80’s modernism, post modernism is a simple explanation of contemporary art that really hit the spot for me. Smith presents four different defining characteristics, the first criterion signifies that it is art that has been produced since the 1980s. Other publications claim that contemporary art can be art that has been created since WWII as well.

The three other criterion insist on other than just a specific time period the art has been produced since. The second criterion separates contemporary art and makes it distinct from modern and postmodern art. The third criteria for contemporary art are that it is globalizing. The fourth criteria that he presents are that the art is filled with knowledge of art history’s place within history and current events.
Contemporary Art to me reminds me of tattoos, and abstract work that takes more than just a simple explanation to define how I feel about the work. I expect to find many pieces of art that I am very confused by, and that I can’t decide how I feel and many where at first glance I will have no clue what is going on in the piece. Contemporary art to me seems to always update with the times, so as I experience art new work I would expect to see the content changing with current events in our history. I have never known much about art and I am excited to see more and learn the differences between different artistic styles. By the end of this class I expect to have a basis of knowledge of contemporary art.

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