Terry Smith Article

In Terry Smith’s article, “What Is Contemporary Art?,” the idea of an ever evolving world and its current events, cultural changes, growth in technology, etc. have become so integrated in the art world that it has become a new genre of art. Since there has been such an advance in technology, and people now have immediate access to information through magazines, media, and internet, it is now much easier to create art in new places with different types of medium.

Smith discusses how contemporary art is different from modern art, because to be a contemporary artist, one must be able to first understand art history, and how art in different eras makes sense for the time period in which it was made. The article discusses how contemporary art is entirely its own category, and because it is happening during a modern time, it is a period that is able to bring people, countries, etc. together.

After reading this article, I feel that I have become more interested in this type of art than I was before. When enrolling for this class, I knew that I would be interested in the material, but now I’m even more excited to engage in this material. Although I value art from many periods of time, I have always been interested in contemporary as well as modern art the most, which I believe will make this class very interesting for me.

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