Terry Smith Paragraphs

Art Historian, Terry Smith explains in his book, “What Is Contemporary Art?” the meaning of “contemporary” and the components that have, and will continue to shape the Post War/Contemporary Art movement.  Smith explains that there are three rather complex “currents” that outline Contemporary Art.  The currents being, globalization, processes of decolonization, and generational change.  Of these three, globalization appears to be the most discussed and most valued component.  Smith draws many interesting parallels, showing how globalization has practically shaped the art world by demanding new styles of art that will help in the development of social media and communication.

Smith describes Contemporary Art as an unstoppable breed, one that will never die out.  He explains that the pinnacle of modernism was between the 1950s and 1960s.  Since then, Contemporary Art has become “periodless” and never-ending.  As Contemporary Art continues to flourish in many thriving metropolises around the world, the artists have been taking advantage of alternative venues, emphasizing the power of Contemporary Art as a source of media and communication.  Artists have been experimenting with public temporary displays and exploring unfathomable mediums that never cease to awe viewers.

I do agree with Terry Smith in the recognition of globalization as a key component with art- specifically contemporary art. Although, I do find some of his ideas far-fetched and somewhat over-analytical.  I also agree that contemporary art is a never-ending style. As the World has become more nurturing and appreciative of artistic forms of expressionism, I believe that contemporary art is far more expressionistic and physiological than any prior movement; and will continue to garnish. One major attribute that Smith doesn’t touch base on is the astronomical sums of money contemporary art can generate through sales.  Unlike any other art movement, contemporary art is more than just expressionism and innovation, it is business.

Samuel Lane

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