“What is contemporary art?” by Terry Smith

“What is contemporary Art?”  By Terry Smith

The article “What is Contemporary Art?” by Terry Smith discusses what the meaning of contemporary art really is.  Contemporary Art isn’t s specific movement within art history and many people struggle to define it or do not know exactly what it is.  According tot Smith contemporary Art is a culture and a trendsetting force.  It can be viewed as a “scene” within society.  Contemporary art can be defined as whatever we deem it is.  It is art that is current and relevant in our culture and society right now.  It has a lot to do with happenings and current movements occurring throughout the world.

Although Contemporary Art is new, exciting and relevant to the “now” it stems from past knowledge of art history.  Contemporary art does not have a dominant style per say—instead it has a sense of “periodlessness” to it according the article.  Contemporary Art is seemingly more “diverse” regarding the wide ranges and uses of mediums and subject matter when compared to past art movements.  This is due to the periodlessness aspect of contemporary art because there is no dominant style or school dictating what artists should or should not produce/exhibit.  Contemporary art is also created all over the world and is not resigned to one region or specific country.

Personally, What I expect from contemporary art is art that is new and exciting.  I expect contemporary art to be original in creation and thought provoking.  I believe that contemporary art should make the viewer look at a problem or relevant subject matter through a different perspective.  I like contemporary art that makes reference to past art or art history, but with a modern and current twist on it.  I also think contemporary art should be fun and not too serious.  I expect contemporary art and artists to collaborate with each other and outside organizations in order to create work on a larger scale.  I think it is important for contemporary artists to work with one another because collaborations lead to the fusion of two styles and/or mediums that create a completely new and original work.

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