assignment 1

The big question, “what is contemporary art?” is asking, and answering a lot of curious ideas and hopes about this current art form in the world. Artists are finding a new form to change and shift the way people view visual arts today, while making a kind of indent in history to promise it won’t go away. Not only are individuals single handedly making these changes, whole galleries and museums are starting to follow their lead in holding some of the great contemporary art in the world. According to Smith, it is becoming an important “agenda” and we watch it become true as the whole world follows in the changes that are forming through new forms of visual art. Smith discussed “postmodern” art and the dance that has occurred between both modern art and contemporary art forming new kinds of art, such as; instillations, large scale photography, video and digital projection. Although very different, this kind of art work has taken on a very important role in telling stories about our world, whether it be past, present or future. This art if taking on the roll of representing different economical interests, political and world issues in the form of art; allowing it to be easier to express, and for a lot of individuals to view.

In this text it talks about the idea of how contemporary art isn’t something that everyone looks at as a positive, exciting new art form. This form of art would be described as, “to be out of time” meaning we are suspending in the present, not looking ahead in the future or looking back into the past. This thought haunts some while exciting others. How people interpret art can have a great impact on the art itself; there are many challenges in interpreting specific art works and finding a way to dissect what’s going on. The reader describes a few ways to demonstrate the importance in doing so, as well as seeing how widespread it is viewed.

My belief in contemporary art has been very present and very strong since I started studying art a few years ago. It wasn’t something I started studying by choice but it was something that came of interest almost immediately. This form of art was already being taught, expressed by many artists, and studied by many art historians; leading the way for individuals such as myself to learn about and study today. I have always expected contemporary art to teach me something new, to tell me some kind of story that I couldn’t exactly “read” in other forms of art, or read in the daily newspaper. I expect it to teach to so in tern maybe I can learn and one day, make a piece of art work and teach someone else.

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