camille breslin’s posting on the smith article and contemporary art

Contemporary art has multiple definitions and interpretation of the word. It makes it a little complicated and difficult to define an art form that is from a modern era. We are still currently in the sense of contemporary art and it is hard to define. According to Smith, contemporary art is something that is the artist’s and it’s a self-defined art. The article goes into discussing the multiple aspects of globalization, population growth, cultural influences, other external influences, including past artists, historical references and art history. Also technological interferences and the rapid growth of the media has created other factors in the shaping and morphing of the definition of contemporary art. It’s created a whole new spectrum and new out look on this particular genre of art because of it’s extremely easy and accessibility through modern technology. Smith claims that contemporary art is original. Contemporary art is a unique art style that leans towards contemporary focus and thought. It’s originality and it’s unique form binds contemporary hues giving the sense of a new form of expressionism and form of thought processing. Smith also talks about how one must be able to comprehend art history in general in order to produce works in contemporary art. An artist must understand the different cultural influences of the times and influences.

After reading this article, I am more enthralled with learning about what lead up to contemporary art. I want to have a better understanding of the historical references that the article discusses and the influential pieces that allowed contemporary art to be contemporary art. I would also like to have an acute understanding and sense of distinction between modern works and artists versus contemporary works and artists. I feel that there is a differentiation but sometimes, it could be difficult to differentiate some from others. One more note, I am curious to learn about artists that are creating now in the contemporary scene. It would be interesting to read articles, or watch interviews on artists who are working now and creating history in contemporary art.

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