Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art is an Art of our time.  It speaks to us immediately and recognizes who we are and the roles we play within our relative cultures.  And at the same time crosses boundaries.   It does not always follow our textbook definition of what art is or should be.  Its not always rooted in history.

I hope by taking this class I begin to recognize what more of this contemporary art means.  I am sometimes lost in galleries and museums, searching for meaning.  I have been a purist in that I love paintings and paintings only.  I don’t pay much attention to other mediums.  I am hoping that changes in this class as well.  I wish to gain a greater understanding of why artists do what they do under the contemporary art umbrella.

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    You need to change your username to something I can identify for grading purposes.

    Also, the assignment called for three paragraphs. Please reread the assignment description in the schedule tab. You will only receive credit after completing the stipulations provided.


  2. mymakeuplife,

    I cannot give you a grade unless I know who you are. Please change your name.


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