Extra Credit- Thoughts on art today being more important than ever before

I find it hard to believe that more people attend museums as professional football games.  Part of me feels like art was more important back then.  Art was used to portray royalty, class, and power.  This is a different type of importance then today.  Today, art may be more important in that it is more popular and that its subjects range in all types of variety.  The other part of me agrees that art is more important today because of how many museums their are and how many people visit them young and old.  But at the same time, young students on class field trips are forced to go to the museums.  I wonder if the museums factor in how many students are forced to go to their museums from people who go to them leisurely on their own.  Though today a lot more people are making art then back then.  A lot of children grow up with the desire to become artists.  Their are even many art schools as well.  Overall I agree with the statement that art is more important today then ever before.

One Response

  1. Aubrey, although I understand your point that “back then” art was used as a way to determine and define social status, I would use this point to prove that more people attend museums than professional football games. The accessibility of museums compared to pro football games is staggering. I know that I wouldn’t be able to afford to attend a Broncos game, however I could definitely take an afternoon to go to the DAM or MCA. I would also say that art has changed from elitist to popular, while having the ability to buy decent pro football tickets could be considered a way of showing social status thus becoming an elitist activity.

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