Extra Credit

In our reading for Smith as well as in class we discussed contemporary art vs. modern art. Smith described modern art as a historic period that is over and ended, as well as postmodernism that we view as a transitional period between contemporary and modern art. He claims there will never be another period like modern art; there is no style that dominates like it did in its era. It’s hard to believe that we will never have a time that compares to it; in class we also discussed how popular it is becoming to visit museums, it is much more widely accepted then it was in the past and because of that, “there are more people now a days visiting museums then going to football games”. Now, when you first hear that statement it seems almost unreal, but the more it lingers the more it makes sense, but that just makes it much harder to believe that there will be know other era like the modern art era. I believe their will be, as widely studied and viewed contemporary art is, there will be many other forms of art that will come into new eras and new popularity that will be studied, and I believe that is extremely important to our culture and the culture of visual arts.

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