Intellectual Profile- Romney Smith

1. I am currently a sophomore and a studio art major. I’m still up in the air as to where I would like to go with my studies, but for now I am enjoying experimenting with different mediums. I like to paint and I love photography, in fact one of my dreams is to travel the world and work for National Geographic, taking photos, and exploring and writing about different cultures. If I were to add another major it would probably be English, because I enjoy literature and creative writing.

2. An exhibition I have found impressive was the Blink exhibition at the Denver Art Museum last year. I liked it because it was interactive and visually stimulating and sometimes a little strange. One piece I found particularly interesting was Still Men Out There by Bjorn Melhus. The piece is set up in a dark room with three groups of six televisions that alternate different colors with voice-overs from various war films. It makes a statement about how film is able to portray the media’s idea of war and thus make the viewer have ideas about war that are not necessarily realistic. I found that it toyed with my emotions as the sounds switched from calm music to gunshots and screams of pain. Aside from this piece there were many more pieces featuring bright lights and sounds, which I liked because it was very different from other exhibitions I have seen before

3. The most recent book I started was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but then I left it on my flight back to Colorado and am pretty sad about it because I was just getting into it. I want to read the book before I see the new movie; I guess I will have to go get another copy! Aside from that another book I have read recently does Cupcake Brown call a non-fiction book “Cupcake”. I find reading memoirs to be intriguing and eye opening and this one definitely fits those categories. It is a true story about a girl whose name is actually Cupcake, and she goes through more terrible things in one lifetime than you can imagine. She bounces around in foster homes, suffers abuse, survives off prostitution and drugs, joins a gang and almost looses her life completely but is some how able to turn her life around, get clean and become a lawyer. Her story although sometimes difficult to read is truly inspiring because if she can get through all that she went through and come out in a good place, anyone can. I would recommend it to anyone it’s a crazy story and I literally could not put the book down.

4. Aside from art I have many other interests. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland but spent most all of my summers in Bozeman, Montana for really no other purpose than my Dad is a mountain man at heart and would have moved us there if my mom had said yes. The quaint little mountain town gave me a love for the west, which is part of the reason I ended up here in Boulder. I love to ski, hike, camp, and even fish. I love nature and wildlife and climbing trees.

One of my favorite parts about living here though is the music scene. I love all types of music from classic rock to reggae to hip-hop to jazz and electronic. Boulder is very into dubstep and I got introduced to that world when I came here last year, but lets be real here I would much rather go to a show such as Phish and watch Trey Anastasio bring me to tears with his guitar playing than watch a dude on stage stand there bopping his head and pushing buttons. Boulder and Denver gets lots of great bands in and I see as many shows as I can because its so much freaking fun. I love going to music festivals as well and I would really love to learn the guitar, in fact my goal this semester is to start. If anyone reading this is an awesome player and wants to teach me please do.

Team sports were never really my forte but I really like to run. I also am a mean baker and can cook pretty well when I find the time to do it. I like to write as well for I find it frees my mind. Aside from doing art I enjoy art history and good literature although I don’t have as much time to read books that I actually want to read during the school year. I like eating ethnic foods; I freaking love miso soup and you haven’t experienced Baltimore until you eat blue crabs with old bay spice on them. Ohhh yeahh. I bring out my inner child in sidewalk chalk, if you ever walked down 11th street when it was warm out my house was the one with mad chalk all over the stairs. I love animals and have a kitten and a sugar glider in Boulder with me and I want to get a dog eventually. Lastly, besides my National Geographic dream my other life dream is to open a coffee shop/bakery that local artists and myself can hang art in to sell and local bands can come play in. I have no idea where I want to live yet, not in Maryland though, so maybe I will move to California and you can come get a cupcake from my shop sometime.

5. I don’t blog on the reg. I have a tumblr but I don’t really write anything, I just post a bunch of pictures I come across that I think are sweet or inspiring to my personal artwork. I have a facebook if you count that as a blog but who doesn’t have one, and I don’t even like it that much anymore because it’s such a creepy stalker site. What do I care what so and so I met once last year is doing tonight? I don’t.

6. I guess the most cultural event I have experienced lately was a concert. I love me some reggae music, and I went to see Midnite at Cervantes in Denver. They were awesome but what was outstanding was their opening band Mohammed Alidu & The Bizung Family. These guys are from Ghana and were amazing! Each song had such a different sound with funky African beats. They blend sounds from West Africa and Madagascar to produce upbeat and mellow songs that just make you want to smile and dance. I bought their CD and never get tired of it, (probably because I don’t understand the African language but its cool). Here is their website if you want to check them out:

7. I am somewhat addicted to, and recently I was stumbling and came across this article on the artist Brian Dettmer who makes art by carving huge books such as encyclopedias and medical journals. The article has many pictures of his work, which is absolutely mind-blowing. He carves each page so that it coincides with the next one in explicit detail that is absolutely incredible. Defiantly check this website out, there is also a link on the page to an interview with Dettmer.

8. I recently read an article in National Geographic about twins, which I found to be really fascinating. The coolest part of the article was about the “Jim Twins” who were put up for adoption and raised in separate families, but almost everything about them was exactly the same. They eventually met up and found that they had the same height and weight, married a woman named Linda, divorced her and both married a new woman named Betty, and then each had a son which they both named James Alan. They both had the same jobs, enjoy the same beer and have the same mechanisms. The fact that two people (twins) can have so much in common without even knowing the other person until later in their lifetime is incredible to me. One of my friends has twin cousins and she told me one time she was with one twin while the other was away for the weekend and all of a sudden she randomly felt uneasy and started freaking out because she felt something had happened to her sister. Sure enough she called her twin and she had been in a bad car accident. I find the idea of having such a connection fascinating.

9. Read my section 2, it’s about the Blink art exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. The Denver Art Museum is the only museum I have been to in Denver and I really enjoy going there. I like the African art collection and my favorite piece in it is Soliloquy: Life’s Fragile Fictions by Moyo Ogundipe. It is a large colorful painting with lots of abstract designs and bright earth tones that features a green woman with an outstretched palm and an out of proportion orange man riding a mini black horse. The designs in it are what make it so interesting and there are various colored sections that make it resemble a puzzle.

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