Intellectual Profile

1. I am a Sophomore and a Studio Arts major.  I originally planned for my focus to be in photography, but haven’t been able to get into those classes yet.  I am newly interested in painting, but enjoy all types of art.  I plan to get my masters in Studio Arts and possibly minor in Art History, become an Art teacher and then do photography on the side.

Though I secretly wish that I will one day become a professional snowboarder, win a bunch of  competitions, and use the money to start my own company designing snowboards :).

2. An exhibition that I enjoyed was “Blink!” at the Denver Art Museum.  Before I saw this exhibition, I was strictly accustomed to seeing paintings and sculptures.  And the sculptures I saw before were simply oversize which was the key factor in why they were so impressive.  But this exhibition fascinated me because it was the first that I saw that had movement and sound! It opened up a whole new area for me to think analytically about.

3. I really don’t find much time to read books on my own lately other than text books but the most recent one I’ve found interest in was Kat Von D’s book “The Tattoo Chronicles”.  Kat Von D for those who don’t know, though I assume most of you would is a tattoo artist at High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles California.  This book talks about her personal and professional life.  When Kat does a tattoo, she writes an entry about it in her journal, reflecting not only on the significance of the tattoo for the person who is receiving it but also on how the experience of creating the tattoo has affected her personally.  In these journal entries she talks about how doing the tattoos influence her life and art.  I love this book mostly because I’m obsessed with tattoos and find Kat Von D to be an amazing artist! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get a tattoo by her and she will write about it in her journal!

4. Besides art I am very passionate about snowboarding.  I may not be up to professional status, but I love trying out new tricks in the terrain park regardless if I fall and get beat up.  Once I finally get down something I’ve been trying again and again, its such an amazing feeling of accomplishment and adrenaline.  Not just the terrain park but the whole atmosphere that surrounds me when I am snowboarding draws me to it.  Riding up the lift, looking out across the horizon at the snow covered mountains, everything is silenced, peaceful, and beautiful.

Im also obsessed with working out.  I go to the gym everyday for hours at a time.  Sometimes if I am bored or extra stressed I go more than once a day.  And I must admit there is nothing like a nice 15 minute or so tan after a hard work out to relax my muscles, mind, and body.  Being a poor college student I can’t afford to be doing that now, but back home in New Jersey.. tanning memberships are cheaper so its easier to keep from getting pasty :) No I don’t watch Jersey Shore.. its just a coincidence that I like working out and tanning.

5. Honestly I don’t check blogs or blog myself for that matter.  I am totally new to this blogging thing if it wasn’t obvious how lost I was yesterday in posting the Terry Smith article.  The only blog I really ever check out was Tumblr.  My friend has one and is always asking me to check it out and tell her how awesome it is.  At times I do find some of the pictures she posts to be really cool.  Oh! and this isn’t technically a blog site.. but Pinterest is an awesome site that I constantly find myself getting lost looking at.  Its a pin board where people post anything and everything you could be interested in such as art, photography, health, recipes etc.

6. Being from New Jersey, I grew up being a fan of all Philadelphia teams: Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, and Flyers!  So the recent cultural event that has impressed me lately was the 5-1 victory of the Flyers.  This last game wasn’t led by any one team player but by the whole entire team.  They won 5 of the last 7 games and they won the last 3 home games.

7. An article that recently has got me thinking was about the Costa Concordia cruise ship.  This cruise ship to italy capsized due to the captain bringing the boat too close to shore.  He was trying to wave to those on the shore, and brought the boat too close where it ran into rocks which scraped the side of the boat causing water to immediately to flow in.  Not long after, the boat sank and many people went missing.  The reason this has got me thinking is because right away I think of the Titanic and how peoples lives could have been saved in both situations.  In this capsize today, the captain fled the boat not bothering to help anyone!

8.  A thought that has really widened my intellectual horizon was one introduced to me last semester in Astronomy 1020.  Professor Glenn and his team were able to detect the first water vapor in the atmosphere many many many light years away.  This widened my intellectual horizon because it made me think that it is possible with how vast our universe is, that life could exist further out in space.

9. I have been to the Denver Art Museum numerous times.  One art object I remember seeing was a piece by Sandy Skoglund where numerous foxes were scattered throughout an entirely red room.  All the foxes seemed to be prowling around in this red restaurant. The way they were theatrically set up, they appeared to have very realistic motions.  The movement throughout the piece was very real.

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