Intellectual Profile Megan Keith

Hey Y’all.

1.  I am a 3rd year Psych major and I’m studying Spanish intensely on the side, although I’m not double-majoring. I plan to go into clinical psychology or psychiatry after attending grad school at either CU or Texas Tech.  I’ve always wanted to work as a psychological profiler for the FBI, but I’m not sure I’m up for that much school. I think I’m shooting for a masters in developmental psychology, but we’ll see how that goes.

2.  I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever been to an exhibition. Based on that statement I’m wondering if taking an art class is the best way to spend my time. But I can say that my roommate and best friend is an incredible artist, and I can’t believe the things she is able to do. I have a true appreciation for her work, even the things she’s not proud of. I’m a logical person with little to no artistic talent, so real talent is always very impressive. She was the one that convinced me to take an art class, and told me that learning about art will really change my impression of it and increase my appreciation for it.

3.  I re-read Columbine, by David Cullen. It is an in-depth analysis of the Columbine shooting incident, including minute-by-minute breakdowns of the shooting itself, testimony by eyewitnesses, a psychological review of both shooters, history of shooters and victims, and more. As a psych major, the chapters about Eric and Dylan (the shooters), were the most interesting to me. I felt that the author was biased in his presentation of the boys, however, by his depiction of Eric as the evil mastermind and Dylan as a confused follower. That fact aside, it is an incredible read and my favorite book.

4.  I love tattoos, and find myself constantly designing new ideas. I’m a part-time nanny for two boys in Boulder, and I spend way too much time reading psychological journals. When I’m able to go home, I can’t be dragged away from my piano for hours. My parents have 2 pianos in our home, and they are what I look forward to most. I’m not a gifted painter or sculptor, but I can really bang it out on the piano.

5.  I have never, in my entire life, seen a blog before this class. I’m not even entirely sure what constitutes a blog… Is Facebook a blog? Continuing based on the assumption (however incorrect), that Facebook is a blog, I have to admit that I very rarely read what people post. I have a particular disdain for technology, and would much rather interact face-to-face. That being said, I would rather hear my friends interesting stories from them, and not read them on a website. I guess I don’t really understand the merit of reading about what happens to interest strangers. If the information is written by my friends or by scholars, I am more inclined to take the time to read. But reading the blogs posted by hundreds of thousands of internet users around the world has no appeal to me.

6.  I think the Broncos vs. Patriots game counts as a cultural event, right?? I can’t stand Brady. Tebow all the way. I know Tebow may be overappreciated or overdiscussed, but I still love him. That being said, I was furious when Brady started making a fool of the Broncos defense within minutes of the game starting. But I noticed that each time Brady threw a perfect spiral, I began to like him more and more. That man is incredible. I found it hard to hate him when he was so obviously talented. I began to be in awe of him and his game, instead of resent him for making us look bad. I’m still bummed that the Broncos lost, but I can’t help but have respect for that guy.

7.  I read in the New Yorker that Mitt Romney is slipping in the polls because he is “too rich”, which I find absurd. His wealth is a result of his hard work and smart decisions, which should be valued in a presidential candidate. I feel like this is the “1%” game all over again. People are not as rich as they’d like, but instead of doing something about it, they fully intend to sit back and place the blame on someone else. If people want to be offended at the net worth of Romney, it’s their right. But his success should have no negative impact on his campaign. On the contrary, logical thinkers can easily observe that monetary success should be an aspect that is to be respected of someone who is to run our country.

8.  I’ve never been to the DAM, MCA Denver or BMoca Boulder. But my roommate is an art major and showed me some pictures she took. There was a 3D fox work that I really enjoyed. I should probably go to an art museum…

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