Lauren Robert’s Intellectual Profile

  1. Hello! I’m an art history major and I am currently working on my TAM (technology and media) certificate. Before I switched to art history at the end of last semester, I was a studio art major, focusing on photography and digital media. Photography is still a passion of mine but art history was something I have always enjoyed learning about and I knew it would open up some other doors for future opportunities in the art world. Since I have been at CU I have taken a lot of interesting classes outside my major, including sociology and cultural anthropology classes. I believe these can all tie into art history studies because art reflects the times. Studying art just as you would study human behavior, and cultures, gives me an interesting insight into the human race, then and now.
  2. Last semester the CU Art Museum had a very impressive exhibition titled Points of View: Selections from Seven Colorado Collectors. This exhibition was open from 9.8.11 until 12.17.11. What I found so impressive was the great expanse of these collections and the diversity between each one. I also appreciated how the exhibition was installed. It was displayed in salon-style. The exhibition did an excellent job at highlighting the range of collecting in this region. I found myself making assumptions or should I say educated guesses about these collectors based upon the artwork. Click here for more information on this exhibition.
  3. I recently read The Art of Photography which is a collection photographs starting from the early 18th century and up until the late 20th century. There were also writings from photographers, curators, and other prominent figures in the field that went hand in hand with the images. Another book that I have read lately and loved is Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I am in the process of trying to get through George R.R. Martin’s second book of the A Song of Ice and Fire Series, A Clash of Kings, and a biographical novel of Michelangelo titled The Agony and the Ecstasy, by Irving Stone.
  4. My main interests besides art are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes cooking and eating right, practicing yoga, and dancing. Zumba is a great dance workout! It is so much fun. I have to be outdoors which is why Boulder has been a great place to live! I grew up fishing, camping, hiking, etc. in Wyoming, so outdoor activities have always been a part of my life.  Movies and music are crucial to my existence as well as travel, although I haven’t traveled enough. Lastly, road trips, short or long, are something that I rely on to clear my head and explore my adventurous and spontaneous side.
  5. To be perfectly honest I do not follow any blogs, but I would like to start. I heard of one that sparked my interest and that is the travel blog on World which is known for providing some of the best travel stories on the Internet.
  6. I went to The STS9 show at Red Rocks last fall and it was incredible. When you attend a show such as a Tribe show, there is a real feeling of togetherness that is brought about by a bunch of people gathering to listen to a musical group that so many people are passionate about. I felt a connection with people I had never met previously. There was a lot of dancing and everyone was in a good mood and having a great time. There is nothing better!
  7. I recently read an article on titled the human cost of chocolate.  CNN’s David McKenzie travels to the Ivory Coast to work on a documentary that investigates what is happening to children inside the cocoa fields. I am a huge fan of chocolate so this article made me have a whole new perspective on how we are able to indulge in guilty pleasure such as chocolate. If you want to read further on this investigation click here.
  8.  I tore out a quote from Spirit magazine while I was on a Southwest Airplane over break that stuck out to me and still resonates with me every day that I look at it hanging up on my bedroom wall. It is a quote from Chef Mario Batali. “Pay attention to the truth. Not the intellectual truth, but the gut honest truth you know about yourself – and the intense , passionate, thoughtful truth that manifests itself in everything you say, but more importantly everything you do.”
  9. I have only been to the DAM but it was at least six months ago, so I do not remember a specific piece by title and artist, but I did enjoy the temporary collection of artwork from the native tribes that resided along of the Northwest Coast of North America. The ceremonial masks and the carvings were impressive.

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