more people attend museums than football games? (Elissa Buchalter)

I found the fact that more people attend museums than football games very interesting.  I absolutely believe this, because the museum space is more accessible than ever nowadays.  Museums are not an “elitist” past time anymore and museums are not “stuffy” or upper crust as I personally think they have been in past history.  Museums and the gallery space in my opinion are working really hard to cater to the everyday person and create engaging and approachable environments for people to explore and interact with the art.  I also love how museum now offer free days every so often (a lot of times the first saturday of each month) which encourages and opens up the space to anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.  I think more people are choosing to attend museums than watch football games because it is an experience that has become much less intimidating than in the past.  Museums in my opinion have made a good effort in employing knowledgeable volunteers and staff and utilizing technology to help the viewer understand the art being seen further.  For example, people can rent the headphones that discuss each painting in detail and now people can scan their SmartPhones on certain barcoded next to a paintings title and a whole explanation will appear on the phone.

3 Responses

  1. I think the free days is a big helper. During the summer, the Denver Art Museum free days (first Saturday) generally get two to three times as many people on other Saturdays. The first free Saturday of the summer was nearly 7000 people counted for that day. I think it’s great that people are visiting museums more than Football games. Many newer museums are getting better due to new departments focusing on the different age groups and trying to find activities for everyone.

  2. While I certainly agree that museums are more accessible now then ever before, I do not believe that they have achieved super bowl status. I’m sure more people watch football games on TV than attend art museums. This fact cannot be overlooked. Despite this, I feel that visual art, not just art in museums, is certainly gaining mass appeal. The internet has pretty much revolutionized our perception of culture. I personally was introduced to my favorite forms of visual art (cubism, abstract) through the internet. Because of this I feel the internet should be emphasized as the primary medium for the spread of visual art today, not just museums. The internet launches peoples interest, and art museums are there to further this interest.

  3. I have to agree with Andy, using the internet as a visual art destination is made incredibly simple now a days simply with “googleimage”. We can now type in the artist we seek and pull up their whole history of works within minutes. Although we have this huge resource, I find it promising that we can still see a rise in numbers of visitors to art museums. There is only so much to be said about a photograph of a piece of art found on the internet versus being in front of the piece at a museum. There is more of an impact that comes from experience and physically interacting with a piece, and I believe the public knows this and is able to enjoy this in todays day and age more than ever.

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