Natalie Prescott- “What is Contemporary Art” by Terry Smith

Terry Smith answers the question “What is Contemporary Art?”  He goes in  multiple directions explaining what Contemporary Art is.  Smith explains “Contemporary Art is the institutionalized network through which the art of today presents itself to itself and to its interested audiences all over the world. It is an intense, expansionist, proliferating global subculture, with it’s own values and discourse; communicative networks; heroes, heroines, and renegades; professional organizations; defining events;  meetings and monuments; markets and museums— in sum, distinctive structures of stasis and change.” . It is a culture that matters and to itself a subculture. It’s “globalizing character is essential to it, but it also mobilizes nationalities., and even localisms, in specific and complex ways.” Contemporary art is timeless or “periodlessness”, an art without a beginning. An art that is “out of time, or at least not subject to historical unfolding.”
Contemporary art is plugged into the “image economy, the symbolic exchange between people, interest groups and cultures and takes predominantly visual forms.” Contemporary art should draw on the date while underlying the art of modernity, modern art.  He explains it as the cultural practices, ideas, and values that are created during contemporarienty.
In this class I expect to gain a clearer understanding of what Contemporary Art really is. Even after reading this article it still isn’t clear to me exactly what it is and how I would define it to someone who asks me what it is. I am photographer working in a contemporary art age who likes to play with historical artist ideas while staying appealing to the contemporary people of today.  I hope to learn more about contemporary art in order to help me to have more of. Business advantage in the art world today.

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