Ryan Baker, Smith Paragraph

When Terry Smith talks about “What is Contemporary Art,” he is expressing how art today is relating and reaching out to cultures all over the world.  Contemporary art is forming to our culture and the popular techniques that we exhibit.  It allows artists to express themselves in there own way in our culture.  Our culture plays into the fact of what contemporary art really is.  Smith talks about how contemporary art is brought about through deep expression and knowledge of art history.  It isn’t just a random act of “art,” but is a meditated process taking in past forms of art.  It allows the artist to express themselves at a very unique level.

Contemporary art is made to aesthetically challenge and also please the viewer.  He talks about how contemporary art follows the line of the present and what is happening in our culture and world.  The present is always diminishing fast so contemporary art hangs onto the present as long as it can while new ideas and art comes in.  Its is the ongoing interpretation of the present and the artist is responsible for relying on the present to produce the artwork.

I really enjoyed the what smith had to say, but i still find it hard to grasp completely the meaning of contemporary art.  I do understand it but to do that i really had to think about the differences between contemporary art and “modern art.”  He was very thorough in explaining the differences, and i found that the way he wrote about contemporary art gave me a new outlook about art in general.  He talked about the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain, which i have actually been to and witnessed, and i could understand when he talked about its enormous and insane curves relating to contemporary art.  His explanation and thoughts on contemporary art and very well thought and deep, which represent the art itself.

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