Smith Paper

Terry Smith starts off the chapter by trying to define what contemporary art is. He does this by providing a system in which contemporary art exists, contemporary art existing as a response to the world around the artists; but being more broadly defined as the art that exists within the institution of art. Smith states on pg. 245 that contemporary means “not, ‘to be with time’ but ‘to be out of time'” meaning contemporary art doesn’t belong within simple defined set of peramaters such as, minimal or modern, and when it does fall into some category as such it is no longer contemporary.

Smith begins to discuss the purpose beyond why art is more diverse than ever before and in my opinion this may be why we have no category for contemporary art. Art nowadays has been come to be made over a mode diverse set of mediums, with broader content by more people who are younger than ever before, from more locations, instead of all being localized in a few central hubs around the world. Smith really hit what the definition of contemporary art is on Pg 255. “Contemporaneity is the fundamental condition of our times” …” Agains is grain, we must write its history as it is happening…” meaning that the art that we create in order to be contemporary it is a statement of our collective history.

To the question what do I expect form contemporary art? Nothing, everything, I mean that contemporary art has the luxury of being simply about the beauty of the work the  visceral response we have to the work, or about the subtext below the formal qualities, as well as anywhere along that spectrum. I think that be best contemporary art throws us between the to places of our mind and meaning and our heart and connection to the, the delicate balance a path between these to metaphoric loci, is what makes great work.

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    Please reread the requirements for this assignment in the Schedule tab. There should be three paragraphs.


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