Smith Paragraph

Defining Contemporary Art is not easy. Art historian, Terry Smith, provides very interesting definitions for the global shift from modern to contemporary art in his article, “What is Contemporary Art?” Not only does he provide his own definitions for Contemporary Art, but he also provides explanations from other historians. He conveys the significance of Contemporary Art with an historical perspective. He identifies Contemporary art as constantly changing and developing in art.

In his article, Smith characterizes Contemporary Art as art that has been produced from the 1980s on that is distinct from both modern and postmodern art. It is the art of today that is often times developed from historical context and that also contain various understandings from all different people and cultures. The difficulty and confusion in defining Contemporary Art is within the context of time and I believe that Smith did an excellent job at characterizing Contemporary Art as a “timeless” art. It is an art that is booming that remains in the lives and values of many. Current and historical trends are both very significant in understanding the character of Contemporary Art.

Prior to reading Smith’s article I had very little understanding of Contemporary art. But now I realize as a visual art student, contemporary art is what I do. It is “timeless” art that has no past nor future. From what I gathered, Contemporary Art is ever changing and I think it will always be this way.  I hope to progress my understanding for Contemporary Art and learn more about the specific perspectives of Contemporary Art of other cultures.

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