Smith Paragraph

Reading Smith’s article really forced me to address my own ideas on what Contemporary art is and what defines a movement?  Smith points out the issue of time, audience, collective thought and continuity between the pieces and artists.  It seems that without eyes and ears in the future there is no way to define Contemporary art.  It encompasses so many mediums and styles that creating a uniform definition would be near to impossible.  Smith points out that Contemporary art struggles with pleasing all of the audiences who have their eyes on the work.  There are the students, the curators, the critics and even political figures who all want to see the art that floats towards their agenda.

Smith also addresses how the history of Contemporary art is fuzzy and hard to identify.  Is Modern art included or the transition to Contemporary art? How did globalization affect contemporary art.  All of these factors go into the history of Contemporary art but because the movement has not ended, the real boundaries are hard to solidify.  These are where the concern of art historians that another prominent art movement may never step forward again crushes the box people are forcing Contemporary art into. Smith talks about his currents, which shape and define Contemporary art, the third current, generational gap relates to the most people.  Since Contemporary art covers so many decades it connects to so many different ages and ideas from those decades, which makes it grow.

I believe that Contemporary art does not need to be defined at the moment.  We do not need to say the movement started at X time and ended around Y decade.  If people just continue to produce art for true honest reasons than new ideas will arise and eventually so will new styles for art.  I liked how Smith made me question Contemporary art, what it means to me and how it affects my life.

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