Smith Paragraphs

In her piece What Is Contemporary Art? Terry Smith provides us with her own definition of what she thinks contemporary art is. While contemporary art has numerous definitions. Smith describes contemporary art to be something that is all its own. It is self defined and can be found in all areas of culture. It can take place in world of high culture through outlets such as fashion, but it can be spread world wide through mass culture, such as tourism. Smith sees it as a movement that is beyond history, taking place in the 1990’s where he considers history to “end”. As a result, contemporary art has become its own culture in today’s world.

Contemporary art, however, is unique in that it encompasses art from around the world. It is a connecting force that brings artists from all over the world together, regardless of their style, medium, and nationality. While others are baffled at the stability of contemporary art’s placement into art history, Smith believes that it is not as loosely connected as it seems as contemporary art has given birth to new movements within its time and thus, will continue to be a part of art history. She also believes that the “era” of contemporary art is “periodless”, but will continue to give way to new trends, styles, and ideas.
Personally, what I expect to see form contemporary art are subjects and situations that reflect the current times. contemporary art is able to let the artist express their own emotions, their own ideals, and their own opinions on the world around them. I see contemporary art as liberating, liberating in the sense that it allows the artist to freely express what they feel however and wherever they want. To me, it is something that is individualized from painter to painter. They each have their own ways of defining and creating contemporary art, but they all share their innermost feelings and help assist in the constant transformation that takes place in contemporary art everyday.

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