Smith Reading

In his book, Terry Smith is attempting to define Contemporary Art.  Although he breaks the chapter down into many subsection he always comes back to this idea of what Contemporary Art is.  On page 241 Smith defines Contemporary Art as “the institutionalized network through which the art of today presents itself to itself and to its interested audiences around the world.  Smith uses that definition as a launch pad into other aspect of Contemporary Art including the definition that stuck out the most for me.  I agree with Smith’s notion that perhaps Contemporary Art cannot be defined and until we can look back at this time and interpret it in the context of another era I do not think that a solid definition can be attained.

Smith also talks about the problems with Contemporary Art, that it is harder to interpret and the fact that traditional art styles are gone. He also talks about the fact that Contemporary Art has the chance to channel the mass media to achieve fame.  I agree that it seems as though artists use the mass media to gain more fame or create scandal for their art.  I had never thought about that until reading this though.

Although I am still a bit confused on what Contemporary Art really is I do have a much firmer grasp on its impact to society and art.  Through this class I hope to be able to have a knowledgeable conversation about art.  I also hope to be able to go to places like a Contemporary Art museum and have a real appreciation for the pieces rather than blindly looking at them.

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