Terry Smith Reading (Janeesa Jeffery)

Terry smith talked about different approaches n laid down a new approach and
groundwork for contemporary art in which case it has shifted from modern to
contemporary as well. He explains what contemporary art is in which, “it is the
institutionalized network that which the art of today presents itself to itself and
to it interested audiences all over the world”. Also it is in some sort it’s own
subculture and distinctive structures of stasis and change as well. Another
part he touches on is how this art has a globalizing character that mobilizes
nationalities. A plethora of different beliefs, ideas, values, beauty, and taste
are put into art by different artists around the world. His approach upon the
question “What is contemporary art?” was that it behind from art practices and
that it is saturated with deep, detailed and even often systematic knowledge
of art history.

Furthermore, deeper into the reading smith goes on to talk about the role in
visual arts n what it’s becoming. Artists are really only worried about furthering
their career and that their success is based off generating as much publicity
as possible. Knowing that instead of risking being looked at as a fraud these
arts impose higher values on the public and seek rewards as being providers
of public goods, he calls this the “trickster effect”. Smith then ends this
chapter by speaking on the world currents. These currents that he believes
has a lot to do with the shift in periods and type of art are globalization,
decolinization, the generational change and the quantity of young people that
are attracted to active participation in the image economy.

For my own interest I expect out of contemporary art some of the things Terry
Smith talked about. Especially the mobilizing nationalities I like seeing
different kinds of art from an array of different races, ethnicities, and
backgrounds. I also expect to see some art that would capture the eye of
most people today because we are definitely in a contemporary type era in
society. In specific, maybe some clean cut like scupltures such as the yellow
tower that looks like the game of jinga when out driving on i-25 near denver.
So some interesting complex work but not too complicated at the same time. I
just excited to see what has been put out there for us to see and what the
artists are trying to say through their contemporary work as well.

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