Terry Smith Reading (Madison Goodman)

Terry Smith’s article on Contemporary art gives a modern, yet descriptive explanation for what contemporary art really is. Smith explains it as a culture of it’s own, or a society of it’s own. Although it is many art forms and structures are brought together into one subculture, the main subject at hand is something that is unique than most forms of art. “A supreme work of contemporary art in itself, is celebrated as a cathedral of Contemporary Art for the globalized world, yet it is one that also serves – at official, if not local art world levels – a basque regional cultural agenda”.  This statement means that contemporary art relates to all cultures, subcultures, religions, etc. It relates to all people throughout history to present time.  Which also brings up another explanation that Smith ties in that displays contemporary art as being diverse and constantly changing.  Although the term “contemporary” means present and futuristic, the art form carries on years of history behind it. By keeping the sense of history along with it, the culture allows itself to find ways to embark on its past and form a foundation along the way. Contemporary art is something that grows on top of itself and polishes itself into something new.  Artists from around the world input their own forms of beauty,  ideas beliefs, values and tastes that come together in all forms, but as one category.

As the article continues, Smith further talks about the development of the visual arts and what role it plays within the world of art.  He  uses a term called the “trickster effect” which explains some motivations of artists and what they seek to do within the modern world. He says that artists are mostly concerned about furthering their careers by becoming known as publicly as possible,  and finding ways to reach to the top. Knowing that instead of risking being looked at as a frauds or fakes these arts impose higher values on the public and seek to find rewards as being providers of public goods.  Smith explains these kinds of changes as globalization and colonization, etc that ultimately effect the younger generations mind and outlook, along with the quantity of them that are attracted to the image economy.

What I expect to learn about contemporary art is the journey that it has made to present time. I am interested in the history of it a little, but  I am more interested in how much it has changed and whether the art has changed in a positive manner or a negative manner.  I find myself living in a contemporary house, due to my parents. So contemporary art really intrigues me. I hope to find multiple ways to look at the art instead of an oddly shaped piece, or something that looks like a shape, or something that looks spacey and clean. I would like to learn how to distinguish the differences between what the artist is trying to portray, and what the viewers are supposed to receive out of the art piece. I expect to see very interesting pieces, along with very confusing pieces that will cause the viewers to think intellectually and mostly in depth.  I hope to tap into my inner artist, and maybe find an inner passion for art that I have never seen before.

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