Terry Smith “what is contemporary art?”

Contemporary art is from about 1980’s to the present and is hard to categorize. Contemporary art is constantly changing with no apparent focus unlike the postmodern era or for that matter, other eras. This era we are currently in, is described as “timeless” because the art is changing constantly and there is no prominent focus. Because there is such a wide range that is considered contemporary art, it is hard to talk about it because you can not generalize such a large category.

Contemporary art has boomed in recent years because of the media and being able to reach large audiences. But contemporary art has to constantly deal with the demands of the viewing public and the confines of art consumers. A contemporary artist must walk a fine balance between these two. Contemporary art is based on images, images to the public, and pictures on blogs, television, and most importantly the internet.

My idea of contemporary art is a broad spectrum of art, from painting, to digital manipulation, to street graffiti. I think the best thing about contemporary art is that it can not be defined. Contemporary art is thinking outside the box, to do what no one has done before. Identities are accentuated through this kind of art and barriers are broken. The one unfortunate thing about this type of art is that some art is not taken seriously, for some see this era as unprofessional artists taking over. This generalization hurts many artists, which makes it harder for professional artists to sell his or her pieces.

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