Terry Smith’s “What is Contemporary Art?” Response

In this piece “What is Contemporary Art?” by Terry Smith, Smith provides a definition for what contemporary art is. Smith states that although contemporary art has many different definitions, it seems to define itself. Smith also states, contemporary art “is what we say it is, it is what we do, it is the art that we show, that we buy and sell, that we promote and interpret”. Contemporary art is also affected by society and society is affected by it, making it a very important part of society today. Because of this it is also able to spread world wide through many different societies and cultures throughout the world, such as tourism or even mass media. It is roughly defined as the same kind of art throughout the globe bringing artists from all over together, which also makes it almost impossible to define contemporary art as one specific style like past art movements.

Smith also talks about how contemporary art seems to have a “periodlessness” to it, while still having a historical pull. Although this will allow the introduction of new ideas and styles as history progresses, but it will remain within this era of “periodlessness”. From this Smith also discusses this idea of Modern art and how is it the base of contemporary art, but how they are still very separate from one another because today we are redefining what art is everyday.

After reading this piece, by Terry Smith, I have come to realize that contemporary is timeless and that it has an unbelievable amount of definitions, and because of this art could forever form out of this idea of contemporary art. Although I do feel that because we are living in this time period we do not honestly know if another art movement could form, I mean you never know what could happen in the future. Although after reading this I do feel that it is possible for contemporary art to continue and expand. In my personal opinion though contemporary art has become this idea that artist can pretty much do what they want to and create what they want. They can take a current events, their own emotions and values and create things that most have never seen before, allowing transformation that I guess could be endless.

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