Intellectual Profile

1. I’m a MA student in the Classics department with an emphasis in museum studies; I am taking this course to gain a better understanding of more recent art. […]
2. I actually just went to the Art Museum in Chicago for the first time over winter break and, while their classical art gallery is impressive, I thoroughly enjoyed the Impressionist/Post-Impressionist Gallery. I liked the way they broke up artists into different rooms but also brought them together in certain areas. They also did an excellent job of using wall colors as transitions, which enhanced but didn’t overwhelm the pieces. They also utilized 3-dimensional pieces so it was not simply viewing painting after painting hung on a wall. Plus you really can’t appreciate a Van Gogh or Rodin piece until you’ve seen one in person.
3. I’ve actually been reading books off of my reading list (for my MA comprehensive exams) lately. They are not the most exciting of reads but they are vital to an understanding of Classics. I’m currently rereading Jennifer Neils book on the Parthenon. She is one of the front-runners in reading a new narrative into the hotly contested Parthenon frieze. She also incorporates a more social and political understanding of the Parthenon as a whole in order to understand the smaller various components. She brings museum ethics into the book as well, discussing the various arguments behind returning or keeping the Elgin marbles.
4. Currently my main interests are passing my comps and planning my May wedding. I dream of a day when I can read the large stack of non-school related books next my bed and watch TV.
5. I really only regularly read The Bloggess (humor) and Budget Fairy Tale (wedding); I occasionally check out Hyperbole and a Half (humor). I’ve never really explored the world of blogging and these were all sent to me by friends.
6. Hmmm, not really sure what you mean here. I guess that New Years is the last “cultural event” I felt involved in. I love the sense of camaraderie and optimism at the change of the year. There’s so much excitement and while everyone may celebrate in different ways, everyone is celebrating the same thing regardless of race, religion, etc.
7. I’ve actually been spending a lot of time reading about the SOPA/PIPA legislation ( I think that language as broad as this is dangerous and with applications into so many different aspects of the internet, the bill needs more clarification. It really seems that the legislation is out to protect large multi-million dollar corporations at the expense of smaller and non-profit websites. I do agree that piracy is an issue, and copyright is necessary, I just think there may be a better way to do it.
8. I recently read a book (Archaic Greece by Anthony Snodgrass) which finds the innovations of Classical Greece, a huge influence on Western art, can actually be attributed to the oft-overlooked Archaic period. I thought this was interesting because so much of the standard of beauty and politics is always attributed to the revolutionary ideas of Classical Greece, which seem to come out of nowhere, but truly many of them occur or have definite roots in the Archaic period. It seems to add an element to the understanding of development and evolution of styles, while enhancing the standing of a usually forgotten culture.
9. I actually interned/volunteered in the collections management department at DAM for 9 months. I’ve only been to BMoCA once and it was a while ago, and I’ve never been to MCA Denver. I saw a great deal of art working at DAM and to single out one piece is difficult but I love the Henri Matisse of the reclining figure. I love the vibrancy of his colors and his loose brushwork which adds sensuality.

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