Sonya Rivera

1. I am currently a Senior majoring in Architecture, specifically interested in residential architecture. While taking History of Architecture courses, I became more aware of my interest in art history and am working on declaring it as a second major. I hope both fields of study will work well together in order to enhance my future employment and make me a more well-rounded individual.

2. One exhibition that I particularly like is “Fox Games” by Sandy Skoglund. While visiting the Denver Art Museum to actually study the building itself, this exhibition particularly stood out to me. I was immediately drawn in by the vibrant red paint which covered every corner of the room, especially since red is my favorite color. However, the movement and energy created by the foxes was what really intrigued me- there seemed to be so much going on that I could not help but stand in awe. I believe the fluid, entrancing colors and overall placement of the art pieces are what make this exhibition clearly stand out in my memory.

3. I just started reading the historical fiction novel “Blood of the Reich” by William Dietrich, however am not too far into it. The most recent book I have read and finished was “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. I had read it once before in high school four years ago after reading “The Da Vinci Code,” however enjoyed it so much that I decided to read it again to refresh my memory. The book tells the story of Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist, who is called upon by Vatican City authorities to aid in solving the case of the Illuminati, who are believed to have kidnapped the Preferiti after the death of the Pope. The Illuminati are suspected since the clues left are ambigrams and a recording specifying the famous Path of Illumination, both of which are connected to the suspected group. Larger problems arise when antimatter is stolen from CERN labs and is used to threaten the obliteration of Vatican City. Langdon and Vittoria, an antimatter expert, journey through the most famous buildings of history and use many pieces of art to unveil the truth behind the horror. The descriptions of both architecture and art are fascinating and made me want to know more about their histories.

4. Besides art, I am of course interested in architecture. I have most recently studied Modern architecture in depth, and am fascinated with theories and works by Walter Gropius, designer of the Bauhaus. I am very fond of building models of my designs, and have been doing so since I was a child. As is typical with other architect majors, I continue to enjoy building Legos and do so whenever I have the chance. I am very interested in Classical music and played the violin for nine years. After starting college in 2008, I was unable to play very much but hope to continue with music studies some day. I also enjoy writing, particularly in a journal, as well as occasional poetry. I absolutely love reading novels involving history, art, suspense, and thrill.

5. I am not very up to date with the blogging scene, however I check the blog Oddee on a regular basis. This blog consists of very odd yet interesting updates from around the world, though many of them are very shocking and make me think of everyday situations in an entirely new way. My favorite categories are Design, Medicine, and Science.

6. A cultural event that has really impressed me lately has been the continued persistence of the Occupy protesters. Though a touchy subject, I am nonetheless impressed with their dedication and ability to stand up for a cause they believe in.

7. I recently read the online article “New Research on the Antidepressant -vs. -Placebo Debate” featured in Time. This particular article really interested me since depression runs in my family, and many people think that the illness can simply be cured by a sugar pill as long as the mind thinks it is being treated. I, along with my family, are strong believers that medication is in fact necessary for those with certain cases of depression. I take the issue very seriously and am bothered that many people see an illness as a sort of mind trick one plays on themselves for unknown reasons. The article explains that studies are performed offering money as incentive, therefore draw in people who are not depressed and only seek money- I am hoping that these statistics do not affect the truth behind a very serious matter.

8. In October of last year, my Architecture Studio 4 had a guest juror to evaluate our work. Though I cannot remember his name, his quote “People often say ‘this is where I live’ and ‘this is where I work’…Well, are they saying that you’re not alive when you’re at work? Can you only be living when you’re at home?” This quote had quite an effect on my design strategies, since I would usually separate the two. Instead, I challenged myself to interlock them and in turn create a stronger design. I also took his words into consideration when applying them to my life. Instead of anticipating the dread when going to a job or school, I try to think of this act as a part of my life, in fact, and not as separate chapters. Every moment, you are alive, so it is best to embrace the time instead of dwell on what it is spent on.

9. I have been to the Denver Art Museum, as I stated before, just last year and saw “Fox Games” there, along with many other contemporary pieces that do not particularly stand out to me at this time. I have also been to the MCA in Denver, however was not paying much attention to the actual art displayed- I was completely engrossed in the building. I am a fan of the building’s designer, David Adjaye, and saw the building itself as a piece of artwork. I plan to go back to both museums to fully appreciate the art displayed there.

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  1. Sonya I absolutely love the exhibition “fox games” by Sandy Skoglund as well! I thought it was so playful and fun and interactive as well. I appreciated that the viewer is invited to walk through the foxes at play. I think Skoglund did an excellent job capturing the movement of the foxes leaping and bounding. I know you mentioned that the vibrant red color drew you in. That is what drew me to that exhibit as well. Did you happen to notice that the longer you stare at the red, you start to see spots of green? I was told that is because the eye become so oversaturated with the color red that it starts to make you see the complimentary color. Just wanted to share that interesting fact with you.

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