Bryce Johnson on Terry Smith article

Terry Smith starts his article off my asking what is contemporary art. He gives a brief history of art movements that happened before the contemporary art movement, movements that contemporary art is a response to.  Smith argues the idea that contemporary art is not really am art movement or an “ism.” but rather an ongoing state of being for present day artists. The basic definition of the word is the “contemporary” he aslo agues states the obvious that contemporary art is art of the present and future.

In the later parts of the article Smith talks about the progression of the visual arts and how that played a role in the development of the art world. He brings up that art has been easily accessible recently and that there has been more publicity for art and artists. It is easy to reach a mass audience. Smith introduces what he calls the “trickster-effect,” where some artists believe that by becoming a public figure, and possibly getting involved in public scandal to get publicity to serve as a launching pad for a career. I understood this as him saying that artists judge their success by monitary gains now a days than artists have in the pasts.

What I intend on getting out of Contemporary art is a greater understanding of the root ideas from where current art is being made. I am looking to be introduced to various artists that are trying to actively direct the future generation of contemporary artists down a positive path. That is an important idea, conceptually to  me, and we are dealing with similar social issues that active artists during the modern and post modern era of art had to deal with, and i feel that we as future contemporary artists can implement the ideas that they used to have a positive affect on their generation, to make a difference to ours.

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