Technical difficulties and due dates


I have a few details that I hope to clarify here for class.

1)  If you are still having technical difficulties, message me TODAY.  I will be at my computer and ready to help you. After today, technical difficulties will not be an accepted excuse.  I am waiting to help you.  It is your responsibility to contact me. (There are a couple of you who are having legitimate issues with IT and have contacted me.  Of course, you won’t be punished for this.)

2)  I will stop grading for the Terry Smith article tonight at midnight.  Anyone who has emailed this assignment (or any) to Kira or I must repost it on the blog and categorize it to receive a grade.

3) I will stop accepting Intellectual Profiles at 10:59 on Tuesday.  Do not publish it in the middle of class or after.

4)  You must use categories!  I am still seeing some of you post without categories.  Once again, if you don’t categorize I don’t see it when I’m grading and you don’t receive a grade.  Categorize! Categorize!  Categorize!

Again, my email address is  Don’t hesitate to email me if you are having problems.

Have a great weekend!


3 Responses

  1. Nicole,

    I sent my Clyfford Still essay on January 30th at 7:02am to my blog not onto our class’s blog. I have documentation of me submitting it to my site. I hope I am not penalized because I did “submit” it during the acceptance period. I cannot tell you how upset and frustrated I am with this process of the blog. I was looking at the reading assignment tonight and noticed that my paper was not onsite.

    I will regroup with you tomorrow.


    Lindsey Cannon

  2. Hi I can’t figure out how to shorten my posts when I am making them so that the “read more” link shows up. How do I do that?

  3. Romney, the appropriate tag is the fourth from the right in the top row of tools, called the More tag. Put the cursor to where you want to cut the text short and hit this tag. Thanks for asking!

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