Andrew Garcia’s Intellectual Profile

1)      I am a Studio Art major and I am also completing all of the Pre-Veterinary courses. I am majoring in Studio Art because I love to draw. I have always loved to draw ever since I was a kid. I would scribble and doodle in my notebooks in class, which would actually help me pay attention. I have recently obtained a tattoo kit, and I have done one tattoo of a nautical star on my friend’s leg. I want to continue improving my drawing skills so eventually I can create more tattoos. I am also in Pre-Veterinary medicine because of my passion for animals. I currently work at a Veterinary Hospital as a kennel attendant and dog daycare. I need to work with animals throughout my college career in order to be competitive in admittance to a Veterinary school.

2)      I found the exhibition at the Denver Museum to be impressive. It was the exhibition titled “Pre-Columbian Art” which contains the Central American art and other historical Latin American artwork. I particularly enjoyed this exhibit because of the Mayan and Aztec art. I have always enjoyed this kind of art, I even have a tattoo of an Aztec eagle warrior on my left arm. I enjoyed the exhibit also because of the large amounts of artwork it contained. There was a diverse array of pottery, sculptures, and jewelry from all the major Mesoamerican cultures. The artwork is displayed in wide open room, so each piece can be seen all together with the other artwork. It adds to the astonishment of how much artwork the museum has from these cultures.

3)      The most recent book I have read is “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. I read this book over the summer, and it is a prequel to the “Lord of the Rings” series. This book is not very long but it has a lot of plot, and the action does not stop till the end of the book.

4)      My other interests include reading, videogames, and riding my bike. I try and read as much as I can during the school year, but it is difficult because of how busy I am. Same with videogames, I play mostly during the summer. I do not have much time to play during the school year. I do ride my bike every day to campus. I live in Williams Village so a bike is a necessity. I enjoy riding my bike, and I take advantage of all the bike paths and trails Boulder has to offer.

5)      I recently started following many blogs about art. I find them to be inspiring and they motivate me to be more creative with my work and try new mediums and styles.

6)      Being a huge football fan, I believe the Broncos and Patriots game was a large scale cultural event for Colorado. The Broncos have not been in the playoffs in a while, so when they managed to make to the second round of the playoffs this year it was a big deal. The Broncos brought much needed excitement for our state, and gave the people something to cheer for.

7)      I recently read an article on, which was about a new invented car that is completely powered by batteries. It is the Tesla Model S, which has set the standard for battery powered cars. It can travel approximately 300 miles before needing recharge. The recharge process only takes an hour. Surprisingly the car is not slow as people would suspect. It can go 0-60 mph in about five seconds. This car is moving forward in making a greener planet and hopefully it promotes other car companies to build more battery powered cars.

8)      Recently I decided to also take Pre-Veterinary classes at CU Boulder, which has caused me to love science more than I have ever before. I enjoy reading about new scientific discoveries and new technology. I find my biology classes to be very interesting to me, and I do well in these classes. I no longer only enjoy art, but science as well.

9)      I went to the Denver Art Museum last year as a freshman for art history. I enjoyed all of the exhibits I saw there; the European & American art exhibit was most memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the paintings the exhibit has, and they all inspire me to try some painting courses.

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  1. J.R.R. “The Hobbit.” What a wonderful read that it seems so many pass over because of the Lord of the Rings shadow over all the was originally the idea of Middle Earth. I like the idea of simplicity with the Hobbits but also the idea of the tales that they hold so dearly. It’s kind of like readers with their books.

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