Athena Brownson Intellectual Profile

1. My name is Athena Brownson and I am a junior working on an Art History major and a minor in peace and conflict studies. Over the summer I studied Michelangelo in Florence and Rome and absolutely loved it! I am fascinated with tattoo art and also really enjoy Mexican art revolving around “dia de los muertos”. I would really like to see if I could incorporate these themes into my thesis which I plan to write in the fall. With my art history degree I would really like to get into doing interior design, as I feel that learning about styles and art around the world will really work well with designing interior spaces.

2. Over the summer I visited the Museo Salvador Dali in Figueres, Spain and was completely blown away. I have always been fascinated by the insanity surrounding surrealist art, especially in the mind of Salvador Dali. I was blown away at the way that Dali was able to construct the museum into an entire surrealist exhibit filled with 100’s of paintings, drawing and installations. The way that an exhibit is able to influence visitor’s emotions is incredible to me, and visiting this insane museum is a testament to the importance of the collaboration of curator and artists in creating a successful exhibition.  Dali created this museum to portray himself as a person and artist, and it is by far the most interesting museum I believe I will ever see.

3. The last really great book that I read was called “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova. Having a small obsession with vampires this book immediately caught my attention as it is about a historian studying the life of Vlad the Impailer. While digging up information on the horrendous murders committed by Vlad, the historian begins running into strange occurrences, leading her to realize that Vlad was the first true vampire. The more information that the historian digs up, the more vlad begins to hunt the historian down as he does not want Vampire loar becoming common knowledge. This book is thrilling while at the same time being very interesting historically and is a great read for anyone interested in vampires and history.

4. Besides learning about and creating art my life really revolves around working out, yoga, music, tattoos and having fun with my friends. Fitness is a really big part of my life so I am constantly looking for fun new workouts and ways to stay in shape. Currently I have become really involved in boxing, so I go to a boxing gym a few times a week to work with a trainer. Boxing is a crazy workout and also a great way to vent any frustrations by just hitting things haha. I am also pretty obsessed with tattoos, as of now I have 6 and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I blame this on my love for art :)..Finally I have some great girlfriends that I love going out with for drinks and dancing.

5. Although I wish I checked more blogs than I do, the only blog that I really check consistently is Sea of Shoes by Jane Aldridge. Jane is a fascinating 20-year-old girl who had already broken into the fashion world through her love of shoes. I love this blog mainly for the crazy fashion trends that she is constantly show casing, and because I am also obsessed with shoes.

6. Although I am not sure if this is really a cultural event, I went to my tattoo artists a few days ago and was mesmerized watching people come in and out of the shop getting tattoos. This was a Friday afternoon, which is apparently a pretty popular time to get a tattoo as it was absolutely packed! I was fascinated watching what different types of people came in to get tattoos and what crazy different things they got. Seeing the stories behind people’s tattoos really gives you an insight into someone’s life that you wouldn’t gain through casual conversation. Tattoos are great storytellers and a wonderful art form!

7. Almost everything that I have been readying in newspapers lately leaves me feeling completely depressed. Everything I read is outlining how much trouble our country is in due to the extreme polarization between left and right wings in our government. From my readings I have come to the conclusion that absolutely nothing will be solved until both parties learn to work together and come to compromises regarding the future of our country.

8. Something that really affected everything in my life over the past year was my mom coming down with breast cancer.  Although she is going to be 100% alright it really opened my eyes to appreciating everything in my life. It made me realize that I have taken a lot of granted in my life, including my education. Life is too short to not soak in every second of it and cherish every experience. We are so incredibly lucky that we are able to get this education and it is important for students to realize this! I now try to have as much fun in life as possible while getting the most out of every experience.

9. Over the summer I visited the Denver Art Museum to see the high renaissance show. Although it was a very small exhibit they had some wonderful paintings. I was really drawn to the use of red and gold in renaissance art, which has definitely influenced my own art making.  I also saw the electronic show which I didn’t enjoy quite as much except for the “still men out there” piece which I found to be really incredible!

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  1. Athena-
    I recently went with a friend to get her tattoo and it took a few hours, so I also had a chance to observe all of the “goings on” of the tattoo shop. It really is fascinating to see the variety of people that come in and their commitment to all sorts of beautiful artwork and their attached meanings. If I had any artistic ability (which I do not- hence, the psychology major), I would without a doubt be a tattoo artist. What an exciting, rewarding profession.

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