Beste-Intellectual Profile

1.) I have changed my major numerous times as my interests are peaked in different areas of my life when I discover their impact on my life. I started as a Multimedia Graphic Design student working on 3d animation and digital media production. Soon after I decided I wanted to pursue a degree in Business but that venture was short lived, once I arrived at Cu I was an IPHY major and Pre-med because I had a very intense passion for the material , but I decided last year that my love is Photography and that I want a degree with something I love, so I became a BSA and I will pursue an emphasis in photo.

2.) Its not really An exhibition but I recently found the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C, it was an incredible experience that seemed to never end, the whole museum was amazingly put together to the point where it could take a whole day to travel through the floors of amazing history that moved me beyond anything I have ever experienced. There was a wall of photos from victims of the holocaust that was impressive just from its presentation alone.

3.) I just read the whole series of the Hunger Games, it was really interesting and it has peaked my interest in a post-apocalyptic world, I wish that I had the know how to survive the end of the world and rebuild in a world without previous history influence. The book takes place many years after the apocalypse, and the society is still in shambles it shows a dystopia involving 12 districts and 1 capital city that assumes control over every aspect of the other districts lives. Once the districts rebel and lose the fight to the capital they are punished and the Hunger games are established. In the hunger games 2 members from each district are selected at random to fight for their life in a completely televised gladiator match to the death. It’s very interesting and there’s too much to summarize 3 books.

4.) My main interests besides art, are snowboarding, music, reading books, and cooking. I love to run and exercise, as well as travel everywhere and absorb as much knowledge as I can from everything and everyone I encounter. I love to meet people and create networks just for fun as well.

5.)I really don’t check blogs… I find them pretty annoying but I am a member of the Phlearn phamily, the internet community for photographers, which has a blog format. I guess it kind of counts .. 

6.) I was recently impressed by the Alexi Murdoch concert I went too, every band that performed was incredible, there was the Barr brother band, Kishi  Bashi and Alexi Murdoch, I never knew my ears could be so pleased by the sound of music. It was an out of body experience my girlfriend and I shared, and I am thankful for the freedom I have to enjoy music and the freedom the artists have to create it.

7.) I don’t really read articles online but this one was pretty cool… It was about a photography technique to make sure the images that you take are to be sharp and clear, an in focus image is a clean professional looking one usually.

8.) I recently have been reading some Descartes and the idea of I think therefore I am has just kind of stuff with me. I have also been keeping this idea of exercising energy, and positive energy can create positive things to happen. If I think positive things will be positive and if negatively then things will be negative.

9.) I have been to the Denver Art museum, but I have a hard time remembering things specially, I have to make an effort to remember things all the time, but since I just like photography usually I guess the exhibit on Ansel Adams was incredible, I have never seen his work in person before.

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