Erin Lorentzen’s Intellectual Profile

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

Defining my “field of interest” has always been tough for me. I love art. The way it tells stories and emotions and ideas, the way it captures a moment of time, the time an artist spends with their crafts, pretty much everything about it. I am taking sculpture and photography as my emphasis here at CU, but also have spend quite a bit of time with ceramics, painting, drawing, and sewing crafts. I am also getting my Art History degree to compliment my Studio degree. Art History is fasinating to me in the amount of art that is out there to tell us about the world and the people in it. I also find it essential when creating my work to know who has done something similar, who has commented on the same topics, and so much more. My interests focus in Modern Art, quite specifically Symbolism of the late 19th century. As most of you though I am very intrigued by the Contemporary Art World. I want to dive into the transition from Modern to Contemporary and where Contemporary Art is currently to where it is going.

2. Describe an exhibition that you liked or found impressive. Tell us why. Please provide a link to a website, if possible.

I enjoyed the idea of the Street Cred. Exhibition at the Longmont Museum. “Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas” was a slogan they were portraying for themselves. The debate of what is Art and what isn’t Art will forever be in the eye of the beholder I believe, especially these days. An exhibition where Graffiti has come off the sides of buildings and sidewalks to the walls of gallery is a reminder that our Art world is constantly changing the boundaries for what we can appreciate. I also found it interesting how different Graffiti Art can look on a canvas instead of having the brick texture and pattern behind it. Maybe a bit of a reminder to keep the idea of how your where your art is placed, what the background is, the overall feel of a space can all effect the way you’re Art is perceived. The exhibition was most impressive to me for the idea, the striving of Graffiti Artists to be appreciated in a new way, not just on the “streets.”

3. Which books did you read of late (art, fiction, non-fiction)? Pick one and go into detail about it.

This summer I went on a bit of an “Art Book” shopping spree. I purchased “The Louvre: All the Paintings” by Vincent Pomarede and Erich Lessing (Photographer) which as promised is a compilation of all the paintings in the famous museums collection. The book also came with a DVD-ROM that was talked about as this amazing visual walk through of the rooms at The Louvre. The DVD-ROM turned out to be quite disappointing. With my growing interest I also bought “Defining Contemporary Art-25 years in 200 Pivotal Artworks” by Phaidon. It was a great start into finding out what I knew, what I didn’t know, and give me a bit of a direction into artists that I could research more. Lastly, I bought the biggest book I’ve ever seen, let alone owned. Also by Phaidon, I purchased “The Art Museum.”  The book itself being 16.5 by 12.6 inches, it features oversized prints of art from all of history. It can be a bit daunting to open a book that weighs almost 20 pounds and know where to start, but surprisingly enough the book is very well organized with different “rooms” of the museum for all Art history lovers interests. When I purchased the book I wondered how much went into the finding of the Art compared to the context in the labels that accompanied each piece. With time, I found that most is detailed enough that you get the idea of what they were trying to portray but I don’t know if the average Joe would feel the same way.

4. What are your main interests besides art?

My main interests beyond art would be in nature, I love the outdoors. I like human connections, whether you’re a part of them or just observing them from a distance.

5. Which blogs do you check regularly?

I have never been one for blogs really.

6. Which cultural event has really impressed you lately? This can be a museum, a concert, or anything like that, but also a sports game (if you consider this a cultural event for which there are good reasons). Or anything I am not even thinking of … Again, tell us why.

I went to see my friend’s band play when I was visiting back home in Iowa. There is something spectacular about coming from a small community and everyone getting together, even if it is just to support some local music. I like the intimate setting of a small venue, of knowing the band (and not a world famous one), and connecting with all the people that have the same interests.

7. Please describe briefly an article in a newspaper or a magazine that got you thinking lately. Reading online is fine, and what you introduce here does not have to be about art. If the respective article is available online, please link to it! and 8. Please share with us a thought or an idea that really widened your intellectual horizon. Again, this must not be limited to the visual arts. If possible, give a source for this idea so that others know where to go to if they are interested. (7&8 are connected in my paragraph below)

7. News Articles: all about SOPA and freedom. Any of them will work, a wider variety is better. 8. A friend of mine was discussing freedoms the other day, ie. coming from the recent SOPA events. He brought up the idea that many people feel a lot more lost these days and have a harder time finding their path that makes them happy. We were then tossing back the concept that in past eras or decades that things were less confusing to people because they had less options, a more designed life for them by their parents. And now these days we have a lot of freedoms, opportunities, options, and the list can go on, that make our brains ponder more on where we are and where we should be going instead of just getting there. I don’t think this is true in all cases but I think there is a definite broadening of our personal freedoms that can both enable and hold on back from their life path.

9. Have you been to the Denver Art Museum, MCA Denver and BMoca Boulder? Describe one art object or a show you remember seeing.

I have been to the Denver Art Museum and BMoCA. A show I remember seeing at the DAM was “The Psychedelic Experience: Rock Posters from the San Francisco Bay Area, 1965-71.” What I was intrigued by with the Rock Posters that came out of that era, was the way they mimicked some of Art History. I’ll give you the poster Bonnie MacLean did: Yardbirds, Doors, Fillmore Auditorium, San Fransisco. The style of “hand lettering” from this mimics what I see in the Art Nouveau style with its curves and decorative feel. The face in the background of the poster also connects me to the 19th century but more along the lines of symbolist painter Fernand Khnopff with his paintings “I Lock My Door Upon Myself” or  “The Silver Tiara.” The distant, drawn into my self look and feel of the faces appear to be very similar.

2 Responses

  1. I completely agree with you about the importance of know the History of Art to compliment a Studio degree and to know who has done what and what has been done that is similar to the work you are doing. I also find it fascinating as well. Art can tell so much about a group of people and their accomplishments. It is definitely fascinating!

  2. It is fascinating. Plus I believe it is the only way to be a professional artist out in the world. And not only can it tell you so much about a group, but it can bring them together to know that they agree or even disagree about a point.

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