Intellectual Post (Nicole Avant)

1. I am majoring in both Art History and Humanities.  My emphasis is Film.  I would like to work as an Art Director someday.  2. I recently went to an exhibition at the De Young Museum on the post-Impressionist and that movement.  I enjoyed going to this exhibit because I think it is amazing to see those pieces up close.  I also enjoyed going because I was able to appreciate the changes that have occurred in the art world. This is a link to the De Young Museum, but they are no longer showing the exhibition.

3.I recently finished reading the Hunger Games I am now working on the second book in the series.  It was a very good book; I wanted to read it because it is being produced into a movie.  It is about a futuristic girl who has to go fight in something called the hunger games.

4. My main interests other than art include horseback riding, skiing, running, watching movies, and reading.

5. I enjoy checking blogs like gawker and the Huffington Post.

6.  A cultural event that impressed me lately was the San Francisco versus Pittsburgh game in San Francisco.  During this game there was a power outage due to the transformer blowing.  This event impressed me because when the lights went out everyone in the stadium stayed calm and stayed in their seats.  I was really amazed that people did not freak out when they were forced to sit in the dark with thousands of strangers.

7.An article that got me thinking recently was an article in the New Yorker about a recently found archeology site. They believe that these were made when people were still hunter and gatherers.  I found this amazing because we in the present have always thought of people carving things into rock as something that only came about after the nomads settled down.  I enjoyed this article because it shows that we are always able to be expanding our knowledge of the people before us.

8. Something that expanded my intellectual horizon was the article that I was talking about in the New Yorker.  To me it is amazing because we never know what happened before us but these people left clues as to the way that they lived.  I also liked it because I like the idea that there are still things that we do not know.  In the article they talked about how the world would be different if human had stayed hunter-gatherers and how society changed because people settled down.  The idea of women staying in one place and having babies only came when people started to stay in one place permanently.  The fact that something like that would change society amazes me.

9. Out of those three places I have only been to the Denver Art Museum.  I remember the Native American art section.  I really enjoyed looking at the large collection of Native American art.  I thought that they way that the Denver Art Museum presented their pieces, in terms of the lighting was very well planned out.


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