Intellectual Profile -Katerina Kapodistrias

1.  I am a senior and a studio arts major. My main emphasis has been in sculpture but what i love to do are installations and that is a big reason of why i love sculpture, because you can go crazy with it where it is not sculpture any more. I’ve been in the United States four years now and since coming from Greece with such a rich culture, that was my inspiration and influence in my art. The past two years i have still kept that influence but it has been changing excitingly in many directions where i have found myself experimenting each time with new materials in multiples and in a big scale in a minimalistic way.

2. The last exhibition that i visited was at the MCA in Denver about two months ago. One of my favorite pieces in that exhibition were the archival pigment prints of “The Cockettes, Wally” by Roger Arvid Anderson. It was something new for me to see, and the impact of the contemporary fashion and the 6os and 70s i thought were fascinating.

3. A few weeks ago i started reading the part of a novel, ‘Happy ever after’ by Tolstoy in which my dad recommended and gave to me. It is about a relationship between Masha and her guardian that portray this disappointing process of how a love full of romance can mature into family happiness.Masha is seventeen and marries her guardian which is twice her age. ‘Happy ever after’ is the last phase of the ‘supremacy of the artistic influence’ period.

4. Besides art making, some of my interests are different languages and cultures, cooking, traveling, music, dance and theater.

5. I am not very familiar with blogs, other than two other times that i have used one for a class, but i have start following some of my friends fashion blogs.

6.For the past four years now that i have been in the U.S, every year in mid September the Greek Orthodox Church on Jay road here in Boulder does a Greek festival. There is great food, music, dancing and in general the feel of it makes it seem a little more as if i was back home. It is very impressive to me and appreciated of how many non Greeks join, appreciate and want to know more about the culture, it makes me happy!

9. I have been actually to all three. I’ve been to BMOCA and the DAM multiple times but just once at the MCA. One of the pieces that has been stuck in my mind that was very interesting and different was a installation by  Sandy Skoglund’s titled “Fox Games”. It was a huge installation room with tables and chairs, almost looked like a restaurant all painted in red even the glasses on the tables and was filled with grey foxes frozen in their own specific movement. I also thought she was really successful in showing the essence of the foxes and how they would interact. Another great aspect of it was that you could walk through it so it also interacted with the audience.

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