My Intellectual Profile

1. I’m a sophomore with a degree in Psychology and Fine arts with an emphasis in Photography. I love to take photos of abstract buildings and I’m interested in becoming an art therapist.

2. An exhibition called “Waves” by Daniel Palacios is amazing. This exhibition has two turbines and in between them runs a piece of string. The turbines will make the string rotate and oscillate at different rates, creating beautiful patterns. How fast or slow the string rotates depends directly on how many people are standing in the room and how much they are moving. For a video and more information click on the link:

3. Currently I’m reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. This book is about trying to save the world from an evil tyrant who once was the prophesied savior. Black ash falls from the sky and nothing green grows anymore, but more importantly half of the world lives in slavery for hundreds of years. Certain people called Mistborn can burn certain metals which give them the abilities like doubling their strength, altering others emotions, and moving metal objects. A rebellion starts to build around a couple of Mistborn’s and some regular city folk. Can they defeat the once prophesied savior, the Lord Ruler, who has mysteriously lived for a thousand years?

4. My main interests besides art are reading. I’m an avid reader and constantly have a book with me. My other main interest is photography but since that is an art…

5. I follow my sister’s and my mom’s blogs. My sister is English major and has a story she writes weekly on and my mom is a watercolor artist who will put her artwork up on her site.

6. There hasn’t been a cultural event that has impressed me lately. I don’t really watch the news, except for the weather, so nothing lately has impressed me.

7. I can’t think of an article that I have read lately that got me thinking. I have read many interesting articles but I can’t think of one at the moment.

8. People base that they will say or do off of what their friends say or do. We have free will but there is a lot of judging. So if we base a lot of our actions off of our friends then how much free will do we have? How independent are we from others?

9. At the Denver Art Museum I saw Sandy Skoglund’s show called “Fox Games”. It was interesting to see a collection of gray plaster foxes in an entirely red background. Even a squirrel that was in the jaws of a fox was painted red. For more information:

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